School Council

Our newly formed School Council have representatives from every class. They have an important role within our school and meet regularly. During their meetings they express their views on school related issues, talk about the changes they would like to make, arrange fund raising events and voice the opinions of their peers.

Our School Council play an active role in school life, organising, attending and running many events. One of the important tasks is to select the 3 whole school themes for the St Swithun’s Stars. These themes encourage all the children to improve areas of school life so they can earn stars for their class and contribute towards their rewards. Themes have included, ‘Be respectful to others’, ‘Make a change for the better’ and ‘Keep the School tidy’.

Role Year Group Name
Chair Year 6 Kirsty
Vice Chair Year 6 Joshua
Secretary Year 6 Milly
Public Relations Year 6 Amelie
Treasurer Year 6 Hana
Class Representative Wolves Sasha
Class Representative Panthers Emilia
Class Representative Leopards Manuel
Class Representative Zebras Jenson
Class Representative Gorillas Ryan
Class Representative Kangaroos Jamie
Class Representative Seahorses Chloe
Class Representative Starfish Appointed
Class Representative Dolphins Jonah
Class Representative Ladybirds Not yet appointed
Class Representative Bumblebees Not yet appointed
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