St Swithun’s Primary School

Primary Catch-up Grant Plan

Grant Allocation – £25,200

Overall target – to ensure 75% of pupils are on track in July 2021 in reading, writing and mathematics


  1. Gaps in pupils’ phonic knowledge – poor phonic knowledge and poor reading skills have the greatest impact across all aspects of the curriculum
  2. Low reading ability and a lack of understanding / comprehending texts
  3. Basic punctuation and grammar including spelling and phonics
  4. Basic number recognition, counting skills & knowledge of times tables facts
  5. Quality of access to home learning should pupils have to self-isolate
  6. Readiness to learn – some individual pupils have been adversely affected by the pandemic for a variety of reasons and need social, emotional and mental health support to better access the curriculum


Whole School Strategies


Actions Intended impact Cost

Professional Development: –

·         DHT / EYFS lead to ensure phonics is being delivered effectively through supporting KS1 and LKS2

·         Year 6 and Year 2 staff attend LA training for Reading, Writing and Maths and moderation

·         Reciprocal reading used as main vehicle for delivery in LKS2 and intervention in UKS2

·         PDMs focused on ensuring continuous assessment of children’s progress is moderated and informs planning on a weekly basis

·         English & Maths leaders support teachers with planning and assessment, as required, with a focus on our NQT and teachers new to the school / phase

·         SEND resources are available to ensure all pupils are supported to access the curriculum; e.g. Nessie licenses

·         Wider curriculum LT plan adjusted acknowledging gaps from content not taught in 2019-20



·         Teachers’ subject knowledge and skills in delivering phonics enables teaching to be consistently good and focused on pupils’ gaps in knowledge

·         Phase teachers know pupils’ gaps in in reading, writing and maths and the curriculum planning addresses the gaps

·         Improving the children’s ability to read will enable pupils to access more of the curriculum independently.

·         Wider curriculum is adjusted to ensure content not taught in 2019-20 is accommodated in planning

·         All teachers confident of delivering curriculum and feel well-supported



Cover for lead teachers




SEN resources


·         Assessment information is used to plan well-targeted, short term reading, writing and maths interventions


·         Targeted pupils catch up with expected standards See targeted strategies

·         Ensure all staff are reminded of safeguarding responsibilities and possible issues related to Covid 10.

·         Ensure pupils know how to keep themselves safe, particularly on-line when self-isolating

·         Provide SEMH support through our ELSA or other relevant staff or agencies

·         Remind all staff of the importance of our growth mindset work for all pupils (and staff)


·         Staff, pupils and parents are all well supported

·         Pupils know and understand how to keep themselves safe at school and online.

·         Staff, pupils and parents who need additional emotional support are given the help and guidance they need to remain emotionally healthy.

·         Staff and pupils build resilience and develop a positive mindset.

HLTA cover to give ELSA more non-class based time



·         Effective remote learning is available to all pupils through MS Teams – training for staff and pupils and information for families


·         Parents know how to access well-planned home learning during any school closure for phase bubbles or self-isolating individual pupils ensuring pupils do not fall further behind and keep up with their current learning.


·         Ensure that parents are regularly informed of any changes in school routine and other implications form national and local Covid restrictions

·         Carry out ICT survey to ensure all families can access home learning

·         Provide devices for families, as required


·         Parents are kept up to date with current information relating to a wide range of topics

·         Parents are enabled to support their child’s learning at home

·         Parents support the school in keeping safe within the school grounds

·         Devices and Wi-Fi is provided for families who need the resources when their children are learning from home

IT support to set up new devices



·         Source food parcels for the most vulnerable families


·         Pupils basic needs met which will be met in supporting families during pandemic and in particular during lockdown or isolation.
·         Continue to provide before and after school care for families

·         Continue to run Sunrise and Twilight, despite making a small loss, using furlough schemes where possible


Total Cost – whole school strategies £10,700



 Targeted Strategies


Actions Intended impact Cost

·        Small group booster to take place in Year 5 and 6 for reading, writing and maths – autumn 2 and spring terms


·         Pompey Pirates Initiative – reading and writing focused support for 15 pupils for autumn, spring and summer terms

·         Pupils have the opportunity to practice, overlearn and catch up on missed / forgotten learning.


·         Pupils make rapid progress evident in test scores and pupils’ books.








·         Employment of job share partner to provide focused, flexible catch up focused on identified pupil need for whole year


·         Identified pupils make rapid progress evident in test scores and pupils’ books.



·         Additional teacher to cover phonics lead to advise phonics strategies


·         2 (1 x yr1 and 1 x yr2) children targeted through FFT Reading Recovery


·         Catch up groups for Year 1 reading focussing on phonics, blending, decoding etc.

·      Gaps in pupils’ phonic knowledge addressed


·         Targeted pupils show excellent progress in reading level


·         Have a secure knowledge of their phases and apply in their independent reading and writing.






Total Cost – targeted strategies 14,500
Total Cost – whole school strategies 10,700
TOTAL COST £25,200


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