Sunlight (during Covid restrictions)

Our Sunlight offering during Covid restrictions is slightly different to usual.

Sunlight is available from 7.30 am until the start of your child’s school day.  Entry is through the external hall door and you can sign your child in at any time between 7.30 am and 8.30 am.  The cost for this session is £5.00 per child and includes a small breakfast snack.


Sunlight (out of Covid restrictions)

There is a choice of two sessions for Sunlight:

Morning session (A) from 7:30 am to 8:45 am (Breakfast included) £5.00
Morning session (B) from 8:00 am to 8:45 am (No food provided) £3.00

In the early morning session, 7.30 am-8.00 am, Sunlight children can have breakfast. We provide a choice of cereals and milk, or toast on alternate days. Fresh fruit, fruit juice, tea and water are also provided daily. On special occasions, a different breakfast may be provided. Parents will be informed of this.

At 8:45 am, the children are escorted to the playground.

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