Office Monitors

As a way of developing children’s life skills linked to future employment and longer term aspirations we have appointed important ‘jobs’ to Year 6 children that they can undertake in school. Children will have the opportunity to experience the process of applying for a job and completing an application form, taking account of job descriptions and associated responsibilities.

The children are asked to formally apply for a position and then, if appropriate, take part in an ‘interview’. Successful candidates will be invited take up their posts for a fixed period of time.

As with any normal employment, children will be able to resign or, in turn, be released from their duties after serving an appropriate notice period. Whilst this is as close to a real life process as possible, at all times we will be sensitive to individual children’s needs. Guidance, support and encouragement will be given throughout.

Role Pupil
Register and Class Box Monitors Lavinia and Tayla
Erisol and Jeremiah
Breaktime and Lunchtime Monitors Ysabelle and Lavinia
Isabel and Alexandra
Marie and Tiyanna
Laura and Libby
Anaiah and Amelia
Milk Monitors Sarah and Alexandra
Fruit Monitors Luna and Laura
Lost Property Monitors Libby and Marie
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