Extended Day

Our Purpose

Sunlight and Twilight exist to provide out of school wraparound extended day care for families of children attending St. Swithun’s Catholic Primary School. This means the school offers provision from 7:30 am to 5:45 pm during term time only. Sunlight and Twilight offers a safe, child-centred environment where youngsters can explore and enjoy play and leisure activities in the company of their peers; children are involved in decisions as much as possible.

Our Intention

Our intention is to care for children and support their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development through a wide range of planned activities, providing a range of relaxing and stimulating situations, which reflect the opportunities parents would provide for their children in the home environment.


Please see our Parent and School Partnership Handbook

New Handbook Autumn 2020 PRECOVID

Before and After School Care September 2020 POST COVID

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