All admissions inquiries must be directed to Portsmouth City Council School Admissions Department.  Click here to be redirected to PCC Admissions.  This applies to Reception entry and all mid-term transfers.


Within Catholic schools, the Governing Board is the admissions authority for the school and makes decisions on admissions issues. The Governing Board of St Swithun’s School delegates this responsibility to the Admissions Committee. The membership of the Admissions Committee consists of 3 governors appointed by the Full Governing Board plus the Head Teacher. The Governing Board also appoints a Chair of the Committee and at least 3 members of the committee must be present when reviewing applications made to the school. The committee meets once per term and as places arise within the school, in consultation with the Local Authority.

Roles and Responsibilities

The main role of the Admissions Committee is:

  • To draft and review the school’s Admission Policy
  • To assume responsibility for the implementation of the policy
  • To report all admissions to the full Governing Board in broad terms

The Admissions Committee consults with other admissions authorities and works closely with other Catholic schools, and the Diocese, to draft the school’s Admission Policy, including the admissions criteria, which must be approved annually by the full Governing Board.  The Admissions Policy is published on our school’s website and it sets out the categories of children in descending order of priority to show who is eligible for a place at the school.

When the Admissions Committee receives details of applications made to the school, it is their responsibility to rank the applications using the admissions criteria and forward this to the Local Authority. This is an ongoing process throughout the year as and when school places become available.

Starting School – Reception Place Admissions

Monday 1st November 2021 – Application process starts

Saturday 15th January 2022 – Applications closing date

Friday 4th March 2022 – Any changes to the application eg. address changes and subsequent preference changes may be considered up until this date.

Friday 4th March 2022 – Late applications received after the closing date can be requested to be considered on time with evidence of significant and exceptional circumstances for the late application up until this date.

Tuesday 19th April 2022 – National Offer Day

In-year applications

Upon receipt of an ‘in-year application’, the Admissions Committee will notify parents of the outcome of their application in writing within 10-15 school days. Where an ‘in-year application‘ is refused, the Admissions Committee will set out the reason for refusal and inform parents about the right to appeal along with information about the deadline for lodging an appeal and provide appropriate contact details for making the appeal.


In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, we wish to ensure that you are aware of the purpose for which we collect and process the data we have asked you to provide on this form.

  1. We are St Swithun’s Catholic Primary School, Taswell Road, Southsea PO5 2RG
  2. Being a Catholic education provider, we work closely with the School’s Diocesan Authority, the School’s Trustees, the Local Authority, the Catholic Education Service, and the Department for Education, and may share the information you provide on this application form if we consider it is necessary in order to fulfill our functions.
  3. The person responsible for data protection within our organisation is the School Business Manager and you can contact them with questions relating to our handling of the data. You can contact them by email at [email protected].
  4. We require the information we have requested for reasons relating to our functions as the Admission Authority of the School.
  5. It is necessary for us to process personal data for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller (Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR).
  6. To the extent that you have shared any special categories of data, this will not be shared with any third parties except as detailed in paragraph 2 above, unless a legal obligation should arise.
  7. It is necessary for us to process special category data for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller (Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR). Additionally, the processing is necessary for reasons of substantial public interest on the basis of Union or Member State law which is proportionate to the aim pursued and which contains appropriate safeguards (Article 9(2)(g) of the GDPR).
  8. If the application is successful, the information you have provided on this form will be migrated to the school’s enrolment system, and the data will be retained and processed on the basis of the school’s fair processing notice and data protection policies that apply to that data.
  9. If the application is unsuccessful, the application form and any documents submitted in support of the application will be destroyed after a period of 12 months. The school may keep a simple record of all applications and their outcome as part of their permanent archives in accordance with the school’s data retention policy.
  10. To read about individual rights and/or to complain about how we have collected and processed the information you have provided on this form, you can make a complaint to our organisation by contacting our Data Protection Officer. If you are unhappy with how your complaint has been handled, you can contact the Information Commissioners’ Office via their website at