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We believe that wearing a uniform is a way of showing pride in the school and encouraging a sense of belonging.  Our rules are firm; not just about what pupils wear but also how they wear it because we know that when pupils look good and feel good about themselves, they can produce their best work.   

 Parents’ support for our uniform policy is expected.   

 All our uniform is available to order from Penelope Ann, 34-36 Tangier Rd, Portsmouth PO3 6JN  Penelope Ann holds all our uniform items in stock, offers sizes from age 2-3 upwards, can deliver to 10 different locations across the city, delivers within 1-3 working days and offers a savings club for uniform purchases. Please contact Penelope Ann for information about all their services: or call 02392 666142.   

School trousers, skirts, pinafores and plain white polo shirts can be purchased from any uniform stockist.  Trousers must be of a tailored appearance and an appropriate material i.e. not denim, cord or track-suit.  Skirts, pinafores and summer dresses should be of a reasonable length.  Children may wear watches and simple stud earrings, maximum of one per ear.  The wearing of other jewellery is not permitted.

Please do make sure all items of uniform are named; we cannot be held responsible for unnamed items of uniform if they go missing. 


  • Children are expected to have smart sensible haircuts 
  • Dyed hair, shaved heads or inappropriate haircuts are not permitted 
  • Long hair must be tied up with hair bands that are white and blue or other small hair accessories  

  Jewellery and Other Personal Effects 

  • All jewellery and other personal effects such as watches (including fitness watches), necklaces etc., must be removed for all PE lessons and ideally not worn to school on PE days 
  • Any jewellery or watches that are worn to school on PE days will be stored in a box during PE lessons 
  • Please note that the school will not be held responsible for any losses or damage 
  • If, under exceptional circumstances, jewellery cannot be removed (e.g., newly pierced ears up to a period of 6 to 8 weeks), the risk of injury will be reduced by the child securing the studs by the use of a microporous tape 
  • Please note that only studs can be worn to school, no looped or dangling earrings are allowed 
  • School staff will not involve themselves in the process of earring removal or taping, other than providing the child with appropriate tape 

 PE Kit 

  • All children are expected to be in their PE Kit on their PE days – the timetable for this is available here: 
  • In line with Local Authority guidelines, children participate in dance and gymnastics in bare feet 
  • All kits should be named 
  • Long hair must be securely tied back during PE 
  • Earrings must be removed for PE or covered over with tape (to be provided by parents) to prevent accidents 

 School Uniform Requirements 

WINTER UNIFORM – October Half Term to Easter Holidays (suggested) 

  • Blue school sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo 
  • White polo shirt, with or without school logo 
  • Grey trousers, pinafore dress, skirt or tailored trousers 
  • Sensible black school shoes, not trainers or fashion shoes (no laces for Year R children please) 
  • Grey tights, grey or white socks 

SUMMER UNIFORM – Easter Holidays to October Half Term (suggested) 

  • As above, but you can wear:  
  • Tailored grey shorts  
  • Blue and white checked gingham dress 
  • During the hot weather closed toe sandals with backs (see examples below) are allowed.  Children can NOT wear open toe sandals or sandals with no backs or fashion sandals with heels, this is for health and safety reasons as children at play time will be running, playing ball games, skipping etc.

  • Blue two-tone PE shirt (these can have your child’s initials added by Penelope Ann), or plain white/navy t-shirt 
  • Blue two-tone PE shorts (these can have your child’s initials added by Penelope Ann), or plain navy/black short 
  • Black plimsolls or trainers (Early Years children will only need these in the Summer term) 
  • No lace up trainers for Year R/1/2 pupils please   
  • Plain navy/black tracksuit to be worn over shorts, or plain navy/black leggings/base layer to be worn under shorts, for colder weather 
  • No tights or socks can be worn in the hall for indoor PE lessons, these will have to be removed by pupils before the lesson 
  • Please do not send your child in branded clothing 
  • Year 6 swimming lessons – full swimming costumes or trunks; no bikinis or tankinis 


  • Sunhat (available from Penelope Ann) to be in school at all times 
  • Named water bottle 
  • Book bags or PE bags only (backpacks are not recommended due to limited space available for storage) 
  • Coat – a suitable coat for either wet or cold weather 
  • There is no need to provide pencil cases etc., as all these items and stationery are provided by the school 

Second Hand Uniform

The school does hold a stock of second-hand uniform; this is available either by filling in the online form here: or by emailing the office on [email protected].  

Second hand uniform is also available from The Hive  


There is no need to exclude them from swimming or other barefoot activities, but the verruca should be covered with a waterproof plaster; there is no need for children to wear protective footwear such as plastic socks.   

Athlete’s Foot

There is no need to exclude them from school; it is important that feet are dried carefully after washing, using a separate towel, and socks must be changed every day. 

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